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    Kitabi Hardware Stores
    Best Price and Good quality
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    Power Tools
    Rotary Hammers
    Circular Saws
    Cut-off Saws & Etc..
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    Rotary Hammers
    Hand Tools
    Expansion Fasteners
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    Kitabi Hardwares Stores
    Silicone Sealant, Lead seals, sealing wire, Tapes, Bolts, Nuts & Washersin S.S, Brass & G.I
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We Are

Kitabi Hardware Stores Proud Achievement for us to have completed 50 glorious years in this line of business.

Customer Service

Our customers for power tools, accessories and service cover a wide spectrum of industry.

Our Team

Our service is centered around our customer’s requirements and we continuously work towards..

Our Distributers

  • Our Vision

    Merchandising innovative and best in quality products at extremely competitive prices, Providing effective after-sales spares and service that becomes a benchmark for our competitors, Being honest in client relationships..

  • Our Mission

    To become the leader in our field of expertise in sales, spares and service and raise the bar constantly in all these aspects of business.